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Mesa Faith,  2020

The Chosen

Your calling to Mesa is by appointment. We provide Spiritual Guidance as we follow in love after Christ, equipping The Saints, furthering God’s Kingdom. We steadfastly hold onto the belief that through fellowship and with faith in God, we’re united faithfully as one, and then capable of revealing what is that perfect will of God. 

Our Mission

— To create a greater world full of love and righteousness. A place where we all live in unity with The Lord, a place we can grow into the persons we were are destined for. (A beatified creation, our beginning to an everlasting spiritual afterlife)

— To create heaven on earth, to glorify The Lord as we help others do the same.

— To fulfill our vows and establish our faithful message.

Our path was preordained and predestined by God Himself. Given this incredible blessing Our Lord’s Lord, Father God in Heaven gave us an incredible perspective of life and how it became what it is today. He’s asked we establish this greater spiritual awareness and help guide His children back home.

— Our vision includes accomplishing this very thing by sharing our belief system. We’ve only recently announced The Unifying Faith of Mesa, we hope you’ll join us on this journey. We hope to inspire you and all others to live a life worthy of eternity in heaven with our Lord, and our Lord’s Lord.

Our Vision 


  • 2009

    James Meets God

    After years of research and discovery James Martinez transcends up to heaven and finds The Creator God where He befriends Him. Father God takes him under His wing + begins teaching him of everything. Eventually God helps James understand the need for Jesus and the meaning of life. They spent 3 years frequently meeting, walking, and talking over life.

  • 2010

    God offers James a job

    After helping him stand back upright, Father God and Jesus Christ offer James a job. After hours and hours of debate James agrees to write for God and so begins the deliverance of Mesa. This was the beginning of the transition from death to life, along with the renewing of the mind process. (God put His Word upon James’ heart) The lessons continued as did the visits. James holds court with Father God and The Seraphim Angels and finds his purpose.

  • Mar 2011

    Once Upon a Transcendent Realm

    Searching for answers that would ultimately lead to The Truth of life, death, and afterlife, this 1st book reveals the types of unions we’re capable of forming with The Holy Trinity. Its written from a firsthand account of the spiritual side, (including visits from/ with otherworldly and spiritual persons from other realms & dimensions, and with The Divine).

  • November 2011

    God changes His-Story

    During the deliverance of this 1st book God visited James and lifted him up and out of this world in the flesh, filled him with His Holy Spirit then took him back to share how life became what it is today. (on the way back they changed the past) This historically significant event not only reveals the grandeur of The Lord Almighty, it provides proof God exists, that the creation is extremely fragile, and The Lord is above all things, as He does as He wills within creation. (as He changes His-Story)

  • 2014

    Eternus Spirare

    Imprisoned over debt, put through a corrupt civil system, James wrote 4 books total. The 2nd took 18 months where it was then stolen and ripped to pieces by an unrighteous young boy acting out against God. It was rewritten, then published a year later. God reminded James anything worth doing is never easy, that sometimes we must sacrifice in order to gain. Eternus Spirare backs up Once Upon a Transcendent Realm, and includes topics such as (The Search for God, The Need for Spiritual Truth, The Truth of God’s Word, Oneness, Practicing Truth, Spiritual Beings—Spiritual Connections, Walking in Love + Prayers and Supplications)

  • 2009-2019

    Fighting The Good Fight

    I’m reminded me of Jesus, that while Father God sent him to help the world — they condemned Him for it. Our message has come at a high cost too. Those who have opposed forced unlawful action, oppressed, then ultimately prosecuted James unjustly for keeping his faith in God. Our faith often requires a sacrifice and our walk is an example of one of those very things. Sharing something as significant as what God and I are revealing required self sacrifice. Through full commitment and with greater perseverance several more books were penned. (They are on The Way along with many others) 

  • 2009-2019

    Righteousness Suffering

    As soon as James accepted the position from The Lord, his suffering began. The past has also revealed God’s messengers suffer at the hands of the unrighteous. Jesus said, “If the world hates you, know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. But, because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” – John 15:18-27 

    I told them all from the beginning I’m with God, they mocked and ridiculed me, they imprisoned me unjustly for obeying The Lords Command, trying to justify their unjustly actions they allowed for unrighteousness to continue as it led to unjust action. Sadly, many of the ones God sent me to help didn’t want anything to do with Him either. Its ironic, the ones who need this message most are the ones fighting against it the most.

  • Summer 2019

    Mesa Faith Announced

    Its been a long battle but the promise James made our Father God has been fulfilled in the deliverance of this new spiritual understanding was fulfilled. His vow to bring to life a unifying message from The Holy Trinity, to proclaim to the world The Truth of God, to reveal unity before every nation is acknowledged within Mesa. 

    Our goal now is to help others better understand spiritual unions and how to live in  harmony with The Lord. Its a similar message Jesus shared with us since the beginning. Unity, oneness, and togetherness is one of the main aspects to having relationship with The Lord. It allows for God to work thru us for others in need and helps us live a more loving and faithful life now and forever.

  • Summer 2020

    God ends the oppressors

    God put an end to those who intentionally and maliciously declared their selves an enemy. James’ ex-wife who played devils advocate, dies suddenly. The State of Texas, whom she willfully misused as a weapon, withdraws their suit and declares nonsuit. The days of going to jail, being oppressed and unjustly persecuted, come to an end. Mesa Faith takes yet another major step forward.

Founder, Pastor, Minister, Spiritual Leader

James Martinez Ministries - Mesa Faith 2019

James Martinez

Ordained by The Creator God Himself, James Martinez follows in the steps of Jesus Christ. Striving with The Holy Trinity to create life-giving relationships, James teaches from spiritual enlightenment, a selfless place filled with loving-kindness and meekness towards everyone. (The Way Jesus showed us) To save ones own life they must lose it, we must die to our selves. I’m here to teach how to live unified, together with God, as one.